The EUShop.NET Project (February 2020 Update!)

The EUShop.NET Project (status update 2020-02-01)

ActivityPub enabled decentralized Shopping Platform where everybody can run his own shop instance


  • Single static binary solution for Linux, Mac and Windows, Apps for Android and IOS. No technical skills required for setup
  • No domain and static IP requirement by using Tor sync for dynamic IP connected shops. Tor connected shops are anonymous
  • Supports physical and fully automated digital download products. Sell whatever you like. Your shop, your products!
  • Fiat and Crypto Curency payments supported. Accept, Euro, USD, Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and others. Plugin system for additional providers.
  • Shop system includes all requirements for EU VAT, GDPR and billing/reporting requirements. For sure sales tax are supported too, but to be EU ready is essential for EU companies!
  • Unlock the power of open source software and never be locked in in proprietary solutions. We believe in FOSS software

All Features:

Matrix and Mastodon:

We prefer to communicate via the free, secure and open source messenger. Contact or to get invited to the EUSHOP community rooms. Follow us on Mastodon here:


Decentralization is a great chance to give all people a chance to sell without the big players. Interested potential customers or fans would be able to follow and buy if interested. That way it would be possible again to make some money or a living out of digital products like ebooks, photos, videos, software support and much more. No more bad surprises by taken down products or accounts and earning 100%. This would work in the same way with classifieds which are only products without price. Because one must follow the account to see the product news it would be non intrusive in peoples timeline too. Ad free shopping while reaching fans and followers without filtering by big players.

It was not possible to raise any funds since the last update, so EUSHOP.NET leader Karl is rethinking how to build up a development team and finance the way to the beta version. Open Source and funded by Donations and sponsors still would be the preferred way!

The business model to finance future development and operations of EUSHOP.NET in the long run will be hosting smaller and bigger instances, support for instance owners and donations.

In the short run to hire developers and build the software the project needs to raise funds. It is not possible to develop this solution without three or four full time developers. Karl and Markus works as volunteers for the project.

We love to get in contact with people able to help us raising the funds.


Contact or via Riot/Matrix or send e-mails to


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