The EUShop.NET Project

The EUShop.NET Project (status update)

ActivityPub enabled decentralized Shopping Platform where everybody can run his own shop instance


  • Single static binary solution for Linux, Mac and Windows, Apps for Android and IOS. No technical skills required for setup
  • No domain and static IP requirement by using Tor sync for dynamic IP connected shops. Tor connected shops are anonymous
  • Supports physical and fully automated digital download products. Sell whatever you like. Your shop, your products!
  • Fiat and Crypto Curency payments supported. Accept, Euro, USD, Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and others. Plugin system for additional providers.
  • Shop system includes all requirements for EU VAT, GDPR and billing/reporting requirements. For sure sales tax are supported too, but to be EU ready is essential for EU companies!
  • Unlock the power of open source software and never be locked in in proprietary solutions. We believe in FOSS software

Status Update

We received a lot of feedback, thank you to all of you! Actuall we would love to build the core-team. Please join us on Matrix and/or Mastodon. All details here:


There is always the possibility to send us an e-mail at