Secure Decentralized E-Commerce!
ActivityPub enabled Project in planning state!
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ActivityPub enabled decentralized Shopping Platform where everybody can run his own shop instance

Easy Setup

Single static binary solution for Linux, Mac and Windows, Apps for Android and IOS. No technical skills required for setup.

Dynamic IP and Tor

No domain and static IP requirement by using Tor sync for dynamic IP connected shops. Tor connected shops are anonymous.


Supports physical and fully automated digital download products. Sell whatever you like. Your shop, your products!

All Payments

Fiat and Crypto Currency payments supported. Accept, Euro, USD, Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and others. Plugin system for additional providers

EU Ready

Shop system includes all requirements for EU VAT, GDPR and billing/reporting requirements. For sure sales tax are supported too, but to be EU ready is essential for EU companies!

Not locked in!

Unlock the power of open source software and never be locked in in proprietary solutions. We believe in FOSS software

Project Info

ActivityPub enabled decentralized Shopping Platform where everybody can run his own shop instance.

New Standard

Project Info

Project Idea and Organization

Project Info


Project Info


The project by itself will be fully open source and code will be released on Github or similar. But to be able to finalize the project with a timeline the funding for at least 2 years development must be fixed, otherwise there will be no possibility to pay the full time Go developers we need to hire for the project. A project, complex like this, including all of the EU law stuff must stand on solid feet to be able to deliver a great system to the public. Without the funding, no timeline is possible.

  • December 2018

    The start of a great story!

    After checking the available software, we decided to start EUShop.NET!

  • January 2019

    Setup basic stuff!

    Finished web site, create profiles on Github, Mastodon, Matrix, aso.

  • February 2019

    Getting the core team together!

    Specialists with proven Startup experience are fixed!

  • 2019 /Q2


    Start collecting money for the project! Start collecting money for the project. We are able to receive IBAN, Paypal and Bitcoin Payments directly. Maybe we open some Patreon Account too.

  • Funding + 4 Month

    detailed roadbook and reference software

  • Funding + 12 Month

    first alpha release

  • Funding + 16 Month

    first beta release

  • Be part
    of our

Our amazing team

EUShop.NET is lead by specialists with 20-35 years proven experience!



Project Leader

Lives in [Salzburg, Austria]

over 35 years experience. Freelance CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) and IT-Consulter. Worked in over 15 countries. Open Source & Privacy Fan, FreeBSD & Linux since 1995 #Austria



Infrastructure Leader

Lives in [Bavaria, Germany]

over 20 years experience in the IT industrie.




she is looking for our financials and a huge part of the success of CTS GMBH since she startet at CTS in 1988.

We will place an complete core-team member list on the EUShop.NET webpage soon.

Contact us / Donate

We are available at,, via e-mail or by phone. prefered

We prefer to communicate via the free, secure and open source messenger. Contact or to get invited to the community rooms.


Feel free to contact us at if Riot.IM is a problem for you. PGP is recommended for e-mail encryption. We do not love unencrypted e-mails.


In very urgent cases and for huge donations we are available at +43 5 7676 7676 in case you need to talk to somebody. Please note this is for donations, developer applications and press inquiries only!

Paypal Donation

Donate as much as you like with Paypal. You can choose the amount you want to donate and also it is possible to create recurring donations.

Bitcoin Donation

Bitcoin donations are done via our self hosted BTCPAY server. No external service involved. We are happy to be able to accept Bitcoins.

IBAN Donation

We are able to receive IBAN and USD wire transfers. Please e-mail for payment details. Thank you!